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Anonymous asked: To the anon, shelters are always looking for fosters, especially during kitten season! Contact one in your area. Even if they don't have a foster program, they can point you in the direction of one! Good luck. It's a very rewarding experience!
Anonymous asked: can you talk me through the steps of fostering? the idea has always seemed cool to me

I’m actually not technically fostering these kittens.. someone I know was going to dump them on the street and I felt horrible so I took them in. I’m planning on keeping them for a few months until they’re ready to be spayed, and then after they get spayed, I will try and find safe homes for them. 

Fostering is basically when you get a cat/kitten from a shelter, and look after the cat until the shelter finds a permanent home for the cat. Sometimes the shelter will provide you with food and litter for the cat. You should look into it!

I just fostered two 5 week old kittens :-) pics coming soon